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Feb 05

Our first project is ready to go!

Posted by on Thursday, February 05, 2015

Wind 4 Water Projects

Our first project is ready to go!

By Jackie Hynes

Wind4Water© projects have the potential to provide affordable fresh water to developing nations across the globe. By combining industrial wind turbines with desalinization plants, we have established a sustainable, replicable infrastructure that can be used to help nourish the 1.1 billion people who lack access to fresh water worldwide.

Coastal nations especially island nations, have used traditional desalinization plants to filter brackish water and sea water for safe consumption. However, these desalinization plants require a lot of energy to run and have a large initial cost. Wind4Water© can help!

Wind4Water© projects include at least one turbine,, and a water filtration plant to produce fresh water. The project development is locally sourced, providing the host nation’s population with jobs and knowledge from service technicians, to office personnel, to managers.

Our first project is shovel-ready! After about a year of developing the system and working through permits we are excited to announce that our first project is ready to begin construction in the town of Santa Cruz on the island of Santiago, in the Cape Verde Islands off of Africa’s west coast.

The project in Santa Cruz is a generally small scale ‘proof of concept’ plant in comparison with our other projects in planning. The plant has the capacity to produce 500m3/day of water. The electricity source is from a 300kW wind turbine.

Cape Verde Wind, the local Joint Venture partner of Associated Energy Developers, LLC is largely responsible getting this first project to this point. Their local knowledge of the islands has made for a successful collaboration. Our goal is that it will serve as a ‘proof of concept’ to allow the construction of up to 10 new Wind4Water© facilities to proceed around Cape Verde.