Water for Beverage Manufacturing

In recent years manufacturers have been focusing on the importance of consistent high quality water for beverage production. Water, being the primary ingredient in all beverage products, must contain zero or low levels of bacteria, sodium, alkalinity, hardness and total dissolved solids. This can be difficult to achieve for process engineers today because local water supplies vary in source and deteriorating quality.

Water Management Group, Inc is a leading supplier of custom engineered Reverse Osmosis Systems that produce consistent, high quality water for Juices, Soft Drinks and Bottled Water products. WMG has the capabilities to design and supply a Double Pass RO system to meet USP Purified water specifications. Best of all, WMG high quality systems usually cost much less than our competition while using "State of the Art" design and components.

GREEN SOLUTION - Concentrate Recovery and Reuse with RO

Water Management Group, Inc. has supplied a low-cost, membrane process system for Shasta Corporation’s Miami Bottling facility for the purpose of recovering thousands of gallons of process water that would otherwise be discharged to the city sewer system.The Miami Bottling facility had been exceeding its permittable discharge limits and, as a result, been paying thousands of dollars in fees to the Miami-Dade Sewer Authority.

The Water Management Group (WMG) "Reuse" system is designed to recover approximately 75% of previously treated water used for bottling soft drinks and bottled water products. For this facility, the cost of the equipment will be repaid in less than a year due to the cash savings that would have otherwise been spent on discharge fees - Approximately $87,000. The cost of power to operate the WMG system is approximately $13.72 per day, if operated 24 hrs.

Additional savings come from the reuse of the product water from the WMG "Reuse" system. The water quality produced by the WMG system is so good that it is reused in the facility in several ways resulting in additional savings for Shasta.