Much of the worlds arid land areas suffer from a lack of freshwater. In some third world countries where water supplies exist, the quality of the only available sources of fresh water is so poor that health problems are endemic and industrial activity is non-existent.

With the development of advanced desalination technology, there has been an enormous improvement in the quality of life for populations formally suffering from the lack of freshwater. Indeed, the ability to provide freshwater from the sea, using Reverse Osmosis technology, has raised living standards for millions of people by supplying sanitary drinking water and contributing to the growth of industrial and commercial development.


Reverse Osmosis desalination technology has also contributed to tremendous growth in tourism and vacation industries in island coastal communities. Hotel, Resort and Condominium development has been booming in areas of the world that otherwise could not support such projects due in part to an inadequate supply of fresh drinking water and water for irrigation of landscaping and golf course fairways and greens.

The custom system pictured above is operating at a high profile resort in the Bahamas and produces 150,000 gallons per day. The unique design was 


customized to accept two multi-stage centrifugal pumps mounted in parallel. One pump/motor is in standby, ready for easy changeover if the primary pump/motor needs maintenance. The centrifugal pumps eliminate the need for additional skids with PD pumps that take up more space.

Low Volume "Watermakers"

The Series is among the most advanced watermakers ever manufactured. By utilizing the exclusive UROC technology, you can customize your watermaking needs from the system's electronic controller or from a remote location, including an on-board computer. Both framed and modular configurations produce fresh, clean water with outputs of 600, 1200, and up to 9500 GPD. Because each component is tested and chosen for its ability to withstand long-term operation, every system is designed and engineered to operate in the harshest of marine environments. We have also eliminated the need for pressure gauges and flow meters to provide years of dependable service and worry-free operation.

Water Management Group, Inc. designs, builds and provided complete turnkey RO Desalination plants.


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